Ji thought she would never go back down that path of guitars and rockstars again. She left it behind after a mysterious traumatization and pursued her other passion: baking instead. Living comfortably and just about as normally as she could, one little trip to the live house could ruin her composure. Can she resist? Or will these two worlds tear her apart? Includes guitars, girls, boys, cakes and cats!

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New layout!

November 1st, 2009, 11:53 am - iamjenii

Thanks to whistleonwild for the lovely template. I might end up altering this at some point. But for now, the simplicity will suffice :D

Working on some more pages & getting used to this antiquated tablet of mine...along with learning how to use Manga Studio :D SO MANY THINGS!

Today's the first day of NOVEMBER!! WAAAAAAAOH! The year is coming to a close so quickly!!

ASIDE, I'd like to take the time to pimp my comic...on it's site by asking readers (if any) to vote! Thanks!

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